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Staying Fit



Meet Cindy

Founder & Master Coach



Who doesn’t like feeling like this? 

I know I do and this is why SOULFIT THEORY was created. 


Are you tired of exercising but still not feeling your best?  We live in a world that focuses on our aesthetic first and our emotional well-being last. Shouldn't we be working on all of our parts - the physical, mental and emotional?

Having been a fitness junkie all my life I've tried endless amounts of workouts and diets. Some worked for me in my 20s but not so much in my 30s & 40s. Over time, I found that when I combined my strength training with a yoga practice, coupled with a healthy diet, I experienced the best results. My state of mind was elevated, I felt strong and empowered but most importantly, I was letting go of my toxic, negative thoughts and in essence, HEALING and EVOLVING. I found this integrated approach helped change my mindset so much that my physical body followed. You begin to look how you feel - EXTRAORDINARY. I knew I had to share this with everyone. 


I am a licensed yoga instructor, nutrition coach, and qualified fitness trainer, certified by NASM and Crossfit. I have experience developing and modifying programs to accommodate varying fitness levels, injuries, and other limitations. I love working with people - helping them recognize their superpowers and limitless ability to expand and evolve. I get inspired by seeing this in action -  it’s a beautiful thing my friends!

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