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Both entries are filled with artworks that transcend media formats, frameworks and contexts and demonstrate the power of art to be more than just something to be seen, but something to be experienced. Published by RISD, the museum, and the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art (SDMCA), Los Logos 6 is organized thematically around three major art historical and cultural movements: surrealism, constructivism, and pop art. The book focuses on the world of Los Angeles’s art-world elite, and includes work by such well-known artists as Tony Smith, Ed Ruscha, David Salle, and Richard Serra. What began in 2009 as a web-based book that could be “flipped”—i.e., viewed in any orientation—and remained largely in that format for several years, Los Logos 6 is now an actual, printed object that has been organized in such a way to fully reveal its full potential. As curator and principal editor Kenneth Baker explained, “With the opening of SDMCA’s Tony Smith wing, there was a need to create a coherent and well-organized show for it—not only in terms of exhibiting the work, but also in terms of being able to relate it to broader, historical movements within the larger context of contemporary art history and contemporary art practice.” Baker explains that the book was conceived as a tool for such contextualization. “A critical first step is to show the work in its broader context,” he says. “Beyond that,” Baker continues, “it’s important to do a better job of connecting it to other areas of current art practice, and Los Logos 6 is designed to do exactly that.” To achieve this, Los Logos 6 separates its entries into three parts: the first is a historical overview of the movements to which it refers; the second explores conceptual and formal aspects; and the third addresses broad topics such as media, scale, place, and the role of the artist. LACMA’s Los Logos 5 (2009) In the Los Angeles community, LACMA's first two Los Logos books, co-curated by Baker, were received as something of a revelation. In LACMA's first edition, Los Logos 5: In the Mind’s Eye, the museum opened its doors to the burgeoning Los Angeles art world by featuring twenty-one artists and nine



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Los Logos 6 Torrent ualzili

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