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Be Proactive about Corporate Burnout and "Back to the Office" Stress in a post-Covid world by providing your teams with the resources they need to stay physically and mentally healthy and strong.   

Mindfulness, Physical Activity and Nutrition are the 3 main pillars of health. All of the below services work on the Body and Mind and can be held on a weekly basis out of your work campus or offsite. Contact us to discuss what curated plan will work best for your team!

  • Yoga/ Mindfulness practice - a 50 minute practice that focuses on balance, stability, mindfulness and strength. Studies have shown a regular yoga practice relieves chronic stress problems, sharpens concentration,relaxes the mind and overall helps a person's well-being. 

  • The Signature SoulFit Theory "CHISEL" class  - a 50 minute class that has it all - strength work, cardio and a 20 minute yoga practice. Help your employees achieve their recommended weekly 150 minutes of moderate physical activity. 

  • Nutrition Workshops - 45 minute workshops which teach participants how to fuel their bodies in a way that supports their goals and how to easily incorporate healthier habits in their daily life. Studies have shown that eating healthy can reduce the negative effects of stress. 

  • "Say Anything" workshops - having a safe space to speak your truth is a powerful resource. In these workshops, participants can bring to the table how they feel about a particular topic without fear of being judged. Confidentially is mandatory and ensured.

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